Monday, September 18, 2006

Rh3_060918_"Mapping for Tailoring"_WIP

the "Mapping for Tailoring" project "work in progress"; "RETROFUTURISM" by accident?
- A return to, and an enthusiasm for, the depictions of the future produced in the first half of the 20th century, which often were based on ideas that are now dated and a great deal of imagination and speculation.
- An ideology combining retrograde cultural and economic views with techno-utopianism.
(ie Wikipedia)

A TAILOR is a person whose occupation is to sew menswear style jackets and the skirts or trousers that go with them.
The term refers to a set of specific hand and machine sewing techniques and pressing techniques that are unique to the construction of traditional jackets.
In some documents, "tailor" means "adjust", "tailoring" - "adjustment"

A TAILOR makes custom menswear-style jackets and the skirts or trousers that go with them, for men or women.
An Alterations Specialist, or ALTERATIONIST adjusts the fit of completed garments, usually ready-to-wear, or restyles them. Note that while all tailors can do alterations, by no means can all alterationists do tailoring.
PATTERNMAKERS flat draft the shapes and sizes of the numerous pieces of a garment by hand using paper and measuring tools or by computer using AutoCAD based software, or by draping muslin on a dressform. The resulting pattern pieces must comprise the intended design of the garment and they must fit the intended wearer.
(ie Wikipedia)

Routine - inProgress:
- 3d scan of the human body replace for the purpose of the experimentbya mesh 3d model of a man body (extracted from Poser)
- extract contours (rhino command)
- loft in order to get a nurbs surface
- plot pts according to a stepped analyse of the inclinaison of the nurbs srf (rhinoscript)
- link those pts via a "nearest neighbour" algorythm (rhinoscript developped with the help of David Rutten; thx David)
- split of the human geometry according to those non-uniform contour lines

- to be continued...