Friday, April 20, 2007



A superstructure is an extension of an existing structure or baseline. (...) The word itself is a combination of super (Latin for above, in addition) and structure (also from Latin meaning to build, to heap up). (ie

Here, the routine is plotting first flat components onto the host surface to create a non air tight skin system which serves as "basline" for a secondary searching algorythm looking for intersection points as assembly nodes for a extra structure or superstructure...

Emergent properties:
1/ all the components are intersecting with one neighbour at least which allows them to be connected via that point without requiring extra complex bridging through gaps and difference between the panels of heights, angles, ect... though some sort of "continuity check" algorythm will be required in order to identify larger autonomous clusters which wouldn't be connected to the whole and therefore structurally failling...
2/ the resultant skeletal system - driven from a simple neighbourhood condition and linking all the connexion nodes with the inputed point set - is looking very similar to leafs structures... emergent biomimetism?

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