Monday, January 21, 2008

080121_Consulting: polyhedrons frame structure 02

following up on some side escapism while running on more "rational" automaton for an exhibition in berlin (more to come soon)
here the previous code developped for the course of a friend at Knowlton School of Architecture has been applied onto some random polyhedrons.

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Saturday, January 19, 2008

080118_Consulting: polyhedrons frame structure 01

I recently happen to write few codes for Aurel Von Richtofen who is teaching a course/seminar based on rhinoscript at the Knowlton School Of Architecture (Ohio State University) like: select points within closed polygones, points relaxation/explosion, frame along the edge of polygons, etc...
Whenever I have here or there an hour to kill I often happen to re-read a previous code, clean it and often push it slightly further to render few frames - here are some random fast track results...

PROTOCOL (original version):
- for each closed polygons
- for each faces
- extract edges
- add polylines: array(edge start pt, end pt,face centroide)
- offset the curve (on face - toward the centroide)

Many "quick fix" upgrades are possible:
recursive subdivision according to face aera, membrure thickness according to edge length, etc...

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