Wednesday, March 31, 2010

100401_TVMNY @ CHICAGO | Extension Gallery

CHICAGO | Extension Gallery | Opening Thursday 1st April
THEVERYMANY will present a new prototypic structure...
(FM lecture @ 6pm)

Design: THEVERYMANY / Marc Fornes
Research team: Marc Fornes, Skylar Tibbits, Brandon kruysman, John Proto
Production team: Mathew Staudt, Brandon kruysman, John Proto + many...
Assembly team: Marc Fornes, Mathew Staudt, Brandon kruysman, John Proto + many...

625 N. Kingsbury Street
Chicago, Illinois 60654

(invitation: Paula Palombo)

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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

100324_Marc Fornes @ ENSAPM | PARIS

Conférences et discussion avec les étudiants, Mercredi 24 mars 2010
Dans le cadre du Master 2 P10 Digital Knowledge
Amphithéâtre 2. / 17h30-19h30 ; accès libre

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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

091212_MF @ Intensive Fields (USC / Los Angeles)

Intensive Fields: New Parametric Techniques for Urbanism
Conference, Harris 101, University of Southern California

Last minute note from the organizator:
"Due to the unprecedented interest in the conference, we understand that the venue has now changed to a larger auditorium, Taper Hall 101, and that a few more tickets have become available."

For some time now, digital technologies have had a substantial impact on architectural design. From the use of standard drafting packages to the more experimental use of generative design tools. But how might these digital technologies - and parametric design tools in particular - help us to design cities?

The conference brings together USC Professors Francois Roche, Marc Fornes, Roland Snooks, Qingyun Ma, Neil Leach, Roland Ritter and Anne Balsamo alongside other leading experts from the world of digital technologies, cultural theory and urban design, including Patrik Schumacher, Manuel DeLanda, Tom Kovac, Marcos Novak, Benjamin Bratton, Hernan Diaz Alonso, Elena Manferdini, Casey Reas and Greg Lynn.

(Entrance is free on registration:

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Sunday, October 18, 2009

091028_MF @ Rensselaer (NY)

Marc Fornes is invited to lecture on the recent work of THEVERYMANY.
Invitation: Evan Douglis

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Saturday, October 03, 2009

091005_@_Design Modelling Symposium (Berlin)

BERLIN | Design Modelling Symposium | 05/10 - 07/10/2009
Marc Fornes has been invited as one of the key lecturer.

BERLIN | Rhinoscript Master Classe | 05/10 - 07/10/2009
Marc Fornes will also run -as part of the Design Modelling Symposium- a three session master class on rhinoscript.

From the Design Modelling Symposium Berlin website:
The Symposium sees itself as an international interdisciplinary platform of designers, developers and scientists of the disciplines architecture, design and engineering.

The fundamental technological principals of designing, planning and building have changed radically. CAD (Computer Aided Design) and CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing) are nowadays an integral part in concept and planning processes. FEM (Finite Element Method) helps in analysing and optimising more and more complex structures. It is now possible to simulate and explore complex coherences between material, structure and climate. New materials open up the development of more effective constructions, new spatial and material experiences.

The Design Modelling Symposium would like to encourage discussion about the target course of this development by exchanging the experiences in appliance of such new technologies. Rather than the prospects of modelling complex geometries and structures, the main focus lies in new concepts and design strategies emerging from the application of new technologies. Another emphasis is the discussion of the role of analogue and digital models in the design and planning process as well as questions regarding realisation of complex geometries and construction systems.

Invited Key Lecturers
-Robert Aish, Autodesk, Inc.
"Language and Interaction for Design Computation"
-Marc Fornes, Theverymany, New York
“Different, Similar, Identical“
-Axel Kilian, TU Delft
-Wolf Mangelsdorf, Buro Happold London
“Complex Geometries: Strategies for Design and Realisation“
-Andrew Marsh, AEC-Simulation Autodesk, Inc.
"Generative and Performative Design Techniques"
-Norbert Palz, Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, Copenhagen
“Materiality without a Past“
-Helmut Pottmann, Geometric Modeling and Industrial Geometry Group, TU Wien
“Paneling Architectural Freeform Surfaces“
-Dennis R. Shelden, Gehry Technologies
"Parametric Modelling and Integrated Project Delivery"
-Kai Strehlke, Herzog & de Meuron, Basel
"CAD-CAM in the design process of HdM- the glas pattern of the Philharmonic Hall in Hamburg"
-Oliver Tessmann, Bollinger + Grohmann, Frankfurt
"Collaborative Design Procedures of Architects and Engineers“
-Rivka Oxman, Faculty of Architecture and Town Planning, Technion, Haifa
"Digital architecture as a challenge for design pedagogy: theory, knowledge, models and medium"

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Thursday, September 24, 2009

090925_LECTURE_University Of Toronto

TORONTO | University Of Toronto | September 25th 2009
Marc Fornes has been kindly invited by Shane Williamson to give a lecture

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Saturday, September 06, 2008


(will be completed on the side column as confirmation & precision arrive):

- 2008.FALL: M.F. is co-teaching a design studio at GSAPP - Columbia University / New York, US (invitation: Francois Roche / R&Sie(n)) (one more webLog!!)

- 2008.FALL: M.F. is co-teaching this year cross-over studio 08/09 at die Angewandte - Universität für Angewandte Kunst Wien, Institut für Architektur / Vienna, AU (invitation: Francois Roche / R&Sie(n)) (and a last one!!!)

- 2008.09.18: M.F. lectures at the Rhino reseller meeting 2008 in Barcelona / Spain (invitation: Carlos Perez / McNeel)

- 2008.09.20: M.F. lectures at C.STEM 2008, Arte Generativa, Sistemi Elettronici e Software-art / Torino, Italy (invitation: Fabio Franchino)

- 2008.09.22-23: M.F runs a two days Rhinoscript workshop for McNeel Europe in Paris (invitation: Carlos Perez / McNeel)

- 2008.10.08-09-10: M.F. lectures at the "EleganTech" conference in Mexico City, Mexico (invitation: Gabriel Esquivel) - CANCEL!!!

- 2008.10.24-25: M.F. is the curator for the European section of the Architecture Beijing Biennale (present for the opening - October 24th) / Beijing, CHINA (invitation: Neil Leach)

Back from summer vacation after a long road trip crossing the US:
8500miles (13700 km) through 22 states, stopped in 21 cities, many national parks (Arches, Zion, Death Valley, Mojave, Grand Canyon,...), and much more "rencontres" and memories...

- (OHIO) > Cincinnati
- (INDIANA) > Indianapolis
- (KANSAS) > Kansas City
- (COLORADO) > Denver
- (UTAH) > Moab - Page - Hurricane
- (CALIFORNIA) > Mammoth Lake - SAN FRANCISCO - Santa Barbara - Palm Springs - Needles
- (ARIZONA) > Flagstaff
- (NEW MEXICO) > Albuquerque
- (TEXAS) > Amarillo - Dallas - Houston
- (TENNESSEE) > Nashville

for the record - fuel prices going from 3,24 (Houston, Texas) to 5.79 (Death Valley, California) per gallon...

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