Saturday, October 03, 2009

091005_@_Design Modelling Symposium (Berlin)

BERLIN | Design Modelling Symposium | 05/10 - 07/10/2009
Marc Fornes has been invited as one of the key lecturer.

BERLIN | Rhinoscript Master Classe | 05/10 - 07/10/2009
Marc Fornes will also run -as part of the Design Modelling Symposium- a three session master class on rhinoscript.

From the Design Modelling Symposium Berlin website:
The Symposium sees itself as an international interdisciplinary platform of designers, developers and scientists of the disciplines architecture, design and engineering.

The fundamental technological principals of designing, planning and building have changed radically. CAD (Computer Aided Design) and CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing) are nowadays an integral part in concept and planning processes. FEM (Finite Element Method) helps in analysing and optimising more and more complex structures. It is now possible to simulate and explore complex coherences between material, structure and climate. New materials open up the development of more effective constructions, new spatial and material experiences.

The Design Modelling Symposium would like to encourage discussion about the target course of this development by exchanging the experiences in appliance of such new technologies. Rather than the prospects of modelling complex geometries and structures, the main focus lies in new concepts and design strategies emerging from the application of new technologies. Another emphasis is the discussion of the role of analogue and digital models in the design and planning process as well as questions regarding realisation of complex geometries and construction systems.

Invited Key Lecturers
-Robert Aish, Autodesk, Inc.
"Language and Interaction for Design Computation"
-Marc Fornes, Theverymany, New York
“Different, Similar, Identical“
-Axel Kilian, TU Delft
-Wolf Mangelsdorf, Buro Happold London
“Complex Geometries: Strategies for Design and Realisation“
-Andrew Marsh, AEC-Simulation Autodesk, Inc.
"Generative and Performative Design Techniques"
-Norbert Palz, Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, Copenhagen
“Materiality without a Past“
-Helmut Pottmann, Geometric Modeling and Industrial Geometry Group, TU Wien
“Paneling Architectural Freeform Surfaces“
-Dennis R. Shelden, Gehry Technologies
"Parametric Modelling and Integrated Project Delivery"
-Kai Strehlke, Herzog & de Meuron, Basel
"CAD-CAM in the design process of HdM- the glas pattern of the Philharmonic Hall in Hamburg"
-Oliver Tessmann, Bollinger + Grohmann, Frankfurt
"Collaborative Design Procedures of Architects and Engineers“
-Rivka Oxman, Faculty of Architecture and Town Planning, Technion, Haifa
"Digital architecture as a challenge for design pedagogy: theory, knowledge, models and medium"

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Wednesday, September 02, 2009

090820_ALOBLUMS (Chile) (2)

ALOBLUMS Valparaiso (Chile) August 2009
THEVERYMANY / Marc Fornes, Skylar Tibbits, Mathew Staudt
+ collective BANGS & many students from the workshop...

marc fornes installation. from ameliechucky on Vimeo.

Many thanks to Pablo C. Herrera for the video...

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Thursday, August 20, 2009

090820_ALOBLUMS (Chile)

ALOBLUMS | Valparaiso (Chile) | August 2009

Design Team: Marc Fornes, Skylar Tibbits, Mathew Staudt
Assembly team: collective BANGS and many students from the workshop...

sphereoid - 2m (6') approx. diameter...
70 modules (4 types)...
12 sheets of golden anodized aluminum...
cnc cut in Philadeplhia (Continental Signs)...
3700 rivets...
all packed with me on the plane as 2 check in bags (40 and 35 pounds)...


Many thanks to the collective BANGS for the invitation - especially Marcela Godoy for making that workshop happen...

Eduardo Hirose, Daniel Concha, Diego Moreno, Juan Pablo Klempau, Felipe Valdebenito, Pablo Banda, Francisco Quitral, Hermann Zbindenn, José Luis Guzmán, Victor Bunster M., Drago Vodanovic, Claudio Troncoso, Tomas Jacobsen, Miguel Aravena, Pablo Silva
Francisco Calvo, Camila Rock De Luigi, Francisco Lara, Oscar Terrazas , Gabriel Santander, Oscar Ignacio Contreras, Hernán Castro, Natalija Boljsakov, Brian Miller, Manuel Díaz, Rodrigo Ramírez, Gonzalo Andrade, Andre Geoffroy, Matias Carrera...

Pablo Barría, Begoña Arellano, Claudio Astudillo, José Narea,, Marcela Godoy, Linda Schilling

Pablo C. Herrera, Tristan Al Haddad...

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Tuesday, August 04, 2009


NEW YORK | Bridge Gallery | Echinoids (re)configured

How many people do actualy believe in "failures"?

I do! - while giving talks/lectures I am often arguying about it - "operative failures" - in philosophy, empiricism is a theory of knowledge which asserts that knowledge arises from experience - one of many ways to gain experience is through test and trials - and within the recent jump in scale of the digital craft and the "Do it yourself" paradigm - experience requires failures...

Experiencing failure within prototypes - yes! - and despite often being displayed within art gallery THEVERYMANY's "constructs" are partly installation partly prototypes - though not so much prototypes to see if the systems is actually going to fail? - but rather when? - can failures be expected? - even better anticipated up to embodied within the geometrical system tested potential response?

"the lion sat" - a localized part of Echinoids v1.0 slowly saddled - it didn't break but suffered from "fatigue" - unexpected failure? - blind future? - I would argue for curated ones...

Temporary installation are related to time - but also budget - aggregate systems and their inherent qualities are highly depending on numbers - unfortunately numbers are often the exact opposit vector to time/budget - then if no budget the system requires carefull compositionnal search methods to maintain a scale large enough to be experienced by its viewer as architectural artefact - homogeneity could be one way to go - unfortunately spreading the elements all accross the construct while maintaining structural integrity often requires down sizing...

"until where can one go too far?"

Echinoids system is based on "calculated risk" - calculated risk is different from denying risk or maximising efforts to avoid falires - here the aggregate is designed through variation of desnties - balancing strengh and weakness - fully closed macro-systems as stable larger parts and low density members at transitional areas - a curated aggregate system allowing within its own geometric nature possible partial re-configuration - "explosion" as safe away exit strategy - allowing second lifes for a piece: from construct to environment...

That (re)configuration is only the first one possible - and therefore to be followed along the summer for eventual other ones...

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Thursday, September 06, 2007


Curation + installation: Marc Fornes & Skyllars Tibbits
OPENING ON FRIDAY SEPTEMBER 9TH 2007, 7PM (Private reception at 5pm)
F.U.E.L. Collection - 249 Arch Street, Philadelphia -

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Friday, August 24, 2007


Interesting results for me as the latest outputs are very similar than a previous work from me - within "Play" a DRL group back in 2003; I was there experimenting with particles dynamics within 3dsMax; it took adges on a pentium 2 or 3 to calculate each frames! I left for the Christmas break for 12 days and when I came back my computer was still calulating frames...
Here within rhinoscript it is still not "Fast" but now I do understand the math behind the paramters of those 3dsMax "space warp"...

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Friday, August 17, 2007


for every pt: sum of attractions = direction; sum of directions in time = path
the sum of paths = nurbsfield; fast track test...

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Tuesday, July 24, 2007


"scriptedbypurpose" is the invited part of an exhibition at the F.U.E.L. Collection in Philadelphia in September for which Marc Fornes & theverymany got involved into by Skylar Tibits/SJET as curator on explicit and encoded processes within design.

here is the very first step, the webpage (beta) and the list of participants (to be completed): read, enjoy, and please come!

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