Saturday, July 18, 2009


Echinoids | THEVERYMANY | Bridge Gallery | 2009 | nyc

"-oid" is derived from the Latin suffix -oides taken from Greek and meaning "having the likeness of". Thus it is a suffix much used in the sciences and mathematics to indicate a "similarity, not necessarily exact, to something else".
Thus Rhomboid means "like a rhombus". Because -oid denotes similarity, not necessarily exact, but can also denote exactness, in chemistry the suffix refers to a very large class of related compounds, natural and/or synthetic. Examples include steroid (of which sterols are just one smaller group) and alkaloid.
(ie wikipedia)

From many parts...
Long. 13.5ft - Larg. 5ft - Height 7.5ft
530 modules
25 Sheets (4*8") Walnut veneer (800 Sft) + olive oil
1600 of Elastic bras straps (Brown, Black, Navy Blue)
4500 screws

To logistic of parts...
Lacing time: 1/2h/module - 40 modules/day!


THEVERYMANY | Marc Fornes, Skylar Tibbits, Mat Staudt

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Monday, July 06, 2009


Once more many parts...

98 Ochard Street New York NY 10002
Opening: Thursday July 9th
(as part of the collective show "Wild child" curated by Peter Macapia)

It is all about "rustic computation"...

Full credits shared with the MANY who made this installation possible...
Also many thanks to PRATT INSTITUTE and our friends at ANYLINE NYC for the laser cutting...

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Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Great blogging again since experiencing some issues with blogspot (and by now kindly sort out by their technical team - THX!) - so hopefully this post will start a series of updates on few projects, colab or research I have been involved with those last few weeks/months...

As a very first update - I would like to congratulate Skylar Tibbits for his final thesis project - "Tesselion" - MANY CONGRATS!!

Skylar - now associate within theverymany on several projects - has invited me several months ago to extend one of THEVERYMANY's on going research and investigation onto Nurbs surface - recently entitled "Partly Surfaces" - or ways to describe them and reconstruct them through different tessellation studies exclusively using flat parts (for simple "constructability" issue)...

Officially invited as thesis advisor my only reserve at the time was -in order to step ahead from the now over crowded paradigm of cosmetic components array onto surface- to require a scale one test proof of the system that would eventually be developed - so here it is finally standing! (hopefully more pictures to come & already many more on the Tesselion blog)

and yes - this can not been seen as "architectural" but rather to my eyes as required "prototypical"...

TESSELATION : Adaptive Quadrilateral Flat Panelization.

Skylar Tibbits (design & code)
Marc Fornes (thesis & code advisor)

Material Sponsor: Alliance Metals (
Fabrication Sponsor: Jared Laucks and Continental Signs (

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Friday, February 01, 2008

080131_Exhibition: Aperiodic_Vertebrae (day4)

"Generator.x 2.0: beyond the screen..." an exhibition curated by Marius Watz at the DAM(Berlin) with works by Jared Tarbell (US), Commonwealth (US), Theverymany (FR/US), Leander Herzog (CH), Marius Watz (NO) and participants of the Generator.x 2.0 Workshop...

THEVERYMANY (Marc Fornes, Skylar Tibbits) / Aperiodic_Vertebrae
LOG_assembly_day_04: things are going smoother - one day to go before the opening...

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